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THE Perfect Steak or Chop

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Valentines Day is right around the corner, rather than going out this year (granted you could on the weekend) you should consider making the perfect meal at home. My husband Dan loves to grill and honestly, if I can cook outside I do, BUT I usually get distracted, multitask ... and over cook, so I went on a search, a mission and... I found Kitchen Swagger! Honestly with a name like that how could I NOT try it out?

I have found that the method Shawn uses works for both Steaks AND Chops! I don't usually do the blue cheese part, ok I'll be honest, I've never done the blue cheese. But Dan LOVES when I make steak now (this was not always the case) however, since I've decided to do freezer clean-out meals I've run across some old steaks and chops that I'd set back.

You can stop by The Homestead for FIRST Friday's this month (which would be tomorrow Feb 2, 2018 10am-6:30pm) and pick up some chops or steaks and try it out! Just a thought.

I did however think it was called Pan Swagger which I dearly loved that name...regardless here is his link for the most amazing method of cooking steaks & chops. Kitchen Swagger

Swagger, what a cool word. I think we should use it more.

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