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Farm-to-Fork Market

Farm Market hours

Tuesdays & Fridays

9 am - 11am

4 pm - 6 pm

Watch for our New Market Opening and New Hours!

Homestead Bounty Offerings

Pork Cut List
Heritage Red Wattle Breed
milk-fed & pasture raised Natural

$10.50/lb unless marked

Butterfly Chops (1/2" thick 2 per pkg) $18/lb

Bone in Chop (1/2" thick 2 per pkg) $18/lb

Tenderloin  $18/lb

Spare Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Ham Steak (Fresh or Cured)

Ham (Fresh or Cured)

Boston Butt - Whole

Shoulder Roast - 2-3lbs

Hocks Cured

Sausage (mild breakfast) - 1lb ea chub

Ground Pork - 1lb ea chub

Bratwurst (links) $12/pkg lb

Bacon - 1lb $16/lb

Jowl Bacon - 1lb $16/lb


Neck Bones  $4.50/Lb.

Heart  $4.50/Lb.

Liver  $4.50/Lb.

Beef Cut List
Pasture raised, no added hormones, Natural
11.50/lb unless marked

Lamb price $18/lb


Top Sirloin 1/2" thick 1 per pkg

Minute Steak 15lb (6 per pkg)Chuck

Flat Iron Steak $20/lb

Chuck & Arm Roast

English Roast (aka Cross Rib Roast) 

Short Ribs (4 per pkg)



Ribeye Steak (3/4" thick 2 per pkg) $20/lb

Short Ribs (4per pkg)

Back Ribs (whole)


Short Loin (very limited)

Kc Strip (3/4" thick 2 per pkg) $20/lb

Filet Mignon (3/4" thick 2 per pkg) $25/lb

Hanger Steak $15/lb


Top Sirloin 1/2" thick 1 per pkg

Minute Steak 15lb (6 per pkg)


Rump Roast

London Broil (aka Bottom Round) 

Flank $15/lb



Short Ribs (4per pkg)

Skirt Steak (both inside and out)$15/lb

Brisket Whole trimmed $20/lb


Ground - 1lb ea chub (90% lean

Oxtail (tail bones)


Shank   $4.50/Lb.

Nice Soup Bones 1 ea  $4.50/Lb.

Liver sliced 1 lb  $4.50/Lb.

Heart  $4.50/Lb.

Other Protiens
Pasture raised, no added hormones, Natural


Pasture raised, Natural

Whole $8.50/lb


Chicken Eggs $6 dz


Barbados Blackbelly - 100% grass fed

Ground $18/lb

Bulk Meat
Prices are subject to change and based on hanging weights which will vary per animal. Prices include processing, tax, and actual meat.


whole, ½, ¼

$6.50/HW Lb

Whole ~ $4,550

Half ~ $2,275

Quarter ~ $1,137.50


whole or ½ 

$7.25/HW Lb

Whole ~$1,044

Half ~ $522


Jersey milk cows raised naturally out on pasture and forest year round. Fed free choice local grains at milking (twice a day).

Raw Whole Milk (your jar - arrangements made beforehand)

Gallon $10

A2A2 Gallon $12

Half Gallon $5

A2A2 Half Gallon $6

Raw Butter $4/4oz

Raw Cream (your jar)

Quart $8

Pint $5

Half Pint $2.50

Additional Bounty

Check the store out in person as more things might appear at any time!

Milk Soap  $5/bar 

Made with Jersey Cow’s Milk & Pork Lard


Blossom Trail Bee Ranch - Richard Bean

12oz Bear or jar $6

1lb jar $8

1.5lb jar $12

2lb jar $13

3lb jar $22

Variety Pack trio $25

Whole Grains

Whole Grain Wheat Flour  $5 

(Turkey Red)

Whole Grain Rye Flour  $5 

White Popping Corn  $5

Saunders Little Boy’s Offerings

(proceeds go to the Saunders little boys)

Bird Suet Feeder with cake  $15

Suet Cake  $3ea

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