We are a small single family homestead, naturally caring for and raising our livestock. We have Jersey milk cows, pigs, honey bees and chickens (both broilers and laying hens). We've added a large heirloom garden to the mix and are trying to produce everything we eat, all the while trying to share it with you!


Good, healthy food takes time to produce. We gladly share happenings here at the homestead with anyone who wants to know, education on how things were done, how they typically are done, and the way and why we do them are a large part of our service. We want to help you be a part of producing your own food through our Farm Share aka -CSA (community-supported agriculture) program. 

Please remember to Support Local whenever you can!

Thank you, Amy, Dan and the Saunders Family



Jennifer -

Farm & Milk Cow Share Member

I trust that the animals are well-treated, the cooking information is super helpful, the holistic approach to the farm and the openness for people to visit and become part of a local food community are all invaluable. I don’t know of anywhere else I could get such high-quality food from such wonderful people.

Kara -

Farm Share Member

We chose to go with Amy's because of the meat, but we stayed because we fell in love with the farm and with Amy's family.

Lea -

Farm & Milk Cow Share Member

The best part about your CSA is the opportunity to pick up our produce and meat directly on the farm.  This allowed our family to see how the animals were raised and how the garden was cared for.  This was especially important for our children, who have learned so much about where food comes from and more importantly the hard work that goes into raising and growing that food from start to finish





Tel: 785-691-6251 (text is best)


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Everyone needs to eat. On our small family farm we care for and raise our animals naturally through sustainable practices without antibiotics, while offering a year round subscription to our quality meats, so everyday you can prepare your own farm to fork meals.

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