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Once October Comes

I always think things will slow down once October comes. After the Kaw Valley Farm Tour, after the cleaning and the prepping. But after the Farm Tour, comes the first frost and killing freeze, it’s when I start school for the kids, it’s when I need to put the garden to bed after getting the last of the harvest in. Even before the snow I froze, the kids and I went out into the garden all bundled up and gleaned the garden. Days later it snowed and that was the end of the bright green garden. That’s ok, I don’t mind, I’m going to mow the last of the tall rows and clean out the ditches once it’s (I can’t even believe I’m going to say…) dry enough. And then I start putting amendments down. I’ve already cleaned out my chicken coop and then it will be the cow’s common space, and all of that amazingness will be spread on the garden and then mulched some more for the winter. I will plant the garlic and tuck it into bed for a long winter’s nap. And lastly, I have some new trees to plant.

I always think it will slow down in October, but really it’s just the changing of the guards or seasons and jobs really. It’s always bittersweet, the labor of the garden work is over, and yet it’s just begun for next year.

This year I actually have a new kind of work to add to the mix. This year I changed my farm share to reflect a more complete picture of the farm, because the farm doesn’t stop in October and start in April. The farm is actually working just as hard or harder over the winter. It still needs tended to and cared for. I’m really looking forward to the new model of a year round farm share.

I’m also so happy to kick off the fall start of the farm share, with all the shares filled. I’m able to offer more shares for the spring start, but I didn’t want to over commit, because dear old Mother Nature has her own plans and rarely am I invited to the planning meetings with her. Granted old man winter will more than likely have his say in the coming months, but that’s ok, he can’t stay forever.

I say on paper that I took last week off, it makes me feel better at least saying I did, I think it was more of a mental break even though, it wasn’t. I gleaned the garden, I cleaned chicken coops and made ready for the new chicks I got. I took the pigs in to harvest, I made plans for the winter and what changes need to be made for that. And we started school. Transition is usually just as busy and hard.

They say farming is the good life, the slow porch sitting, easygoing life, the simple life. I’ve often wondered what exactly that meant. Porch sitting, easy going? Well, I do try to steal some moments of that with my husband, but then we always feel guilty that we aren’t getting something done. Simple? I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder. Good? Now, that I will say is very true. It is a good life I wouldn’t trade it and that’s why I’ve fought so hard over the years to keep it.

There’s work to do, I suppose I’d better get going.


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