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The coming of Spring!

All my life I’ve enjoyed spring, but not until I started farming, and even then not until I started farming the land did I truly enjoy spring. There are lots of things about spring that have been commercialized, but I’m not talking about that.

Right now, we are day’s away form the Spring Equinox or first day of spring. If you look around you there are lots of little signs that are happening. The Earth is waking back up from its winter slumber. The first flowers of spring have actually already made an appearance, in the form of tiny blue fairy like flowers that one must be laying on the ground to find. The foliage of the spring bulb flowers are appearing, and if you notice the trees and bushes, some have been so bold, as to start to leaf buds.

These are the young children of spring, not able to wait until there is no longer a chance of Jack Frost nipping them. The wiser adults of nature are still sleeping, for they are not in a rush to wake and start their hard work of the year. A wise experienced man once told my husband that the frost will come until the Hedge tree’s leaves are the size of a squirrels ear. I always thought that was silly as it always takes the hedge trees so long to wake, however, I have learned that I was just as the spring children in that thought. After getting snowed on one Mother’s Day, I now wait for the whole world to fully wake before I plant my tenderest of plants.

I love Spring, and I to cannot wait for it after every Winter, but now I enjoy it, and I try often to stop and admire how it slowly wakes the world.

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