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Are you looking to connect with a real farmer that cares for their animals and provides clean, natural meats?

Are you concerned about feeding your family food from a factory farm, big box stores, sad food that travels great distances and is produced in unsustainable ways with cheap labor?

Do you want to be able to support the local economy and build a stronger community?

Everyone deserves to eat clean natural well balanced locally produced food.

I understand the pains of finding time to prepare and source a healthy well-balanced meal on a budget.

I am a mother, wife and farmer. For the last 20 years my family and I have been providing natural meats and bounty that we raise to Lawrence and surrounding communities.

photo by Bryon Darby

"Heading to the farm for our weekly milk pickup and our monthly meat pickup have become part of our life. We look forward to it and always enjoy when we have time to enjoy a longer visit and even get our hands dirty to help out."

- Jennifer, Farm & Milk Cow Share Member

The Farmer's 3 Step - A quick guide to success at the supper table


Step 1

Fill out the online enrollment form and pay your $100

Jobsite Delivery

Step 2

Pick a payment option, and decide on pick up or delivery

Roast Beef

Step 3

Enjoy a full year of locally raised, clean, natural meats each month!

Not ready yet? That's Okay!

Check out my monthly PIZZA nights with open Farm Market!
I'd love to meet you.

If you are tired of constantly feeding your family sad food, raised in unknown conditions, that travels great distances and passes through numerous hands before landing on your plate.

You should find a local farmer you can connect with and talk to.

I am always happy to answer questions about our production methods, provide recipes and cooking tips, and get to know you and your family.

Join my farm share and start reconnecting with your food and farming community today.

The Farmer's 3 Step - Once you've joined

Raw Sausages

Step 1

Pick up, OR have your meats DELIVERED to your door each month

Roasted Turkey

Step 2

Have a selection of pork, beef and chicken in your freezer to choose from for meal planning

Dinner Party

Step 3

Feel satisfied that you know your farmer, who helps you provide natural healthy food for you and your family

Stay on budget while supporting your local community and economy, plus nourish your family with natural meats and bounty raised on a farm near you.

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