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the recipe box

I always tell folks I have tons of recipes and best practices for the cuts of meat, but sometimes you don't want to give me a late night text or email, so I'm going to work on getting as much of the resources I can on this page. I'll continue to add to this over time.

Amy's Tips

      The Greatness of A Brine

      The Difference Between Stock and Broth

      What to do with a chicken glut?

The Pioneer Woman

I've not made a recipe of hers we didn't like. I also really enjoy her wit and fact that she actually tells you how and why of cooking. Very wholesome fairly easy recipes anyone can do. I've set this link to a family favorite (but we use tortilla chips!)

Slow Cooker Bone Broth – Asian Style

I LOVE this recipe, and how easy it is!


How to cut up a chicken

I'm still mastering this, I usually cook my chickens whole and shred, however sometimes you just want it broke down. Here is a video that is a "go to" for one member that helps!

Kansas Beef Council

This has always been my go to for cooking best practices, they also have tons of recipes!

Beef Cuts Chart

Here is a great resource for deciding what cut you have and how to cook it.

Pork Recipes and info via Ks. Pork Assoc.

Here is a great resource for pork recipes and how to cook it.

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