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**I have limited open shares, please contact me first**

Tips for Milk Share Members

Raw milk is not for everyone and that is ok, however for those of us that do choose to enjoy it's many benefits I have a few tips and things to keep in mind.

Do’s and Don’ts
   - Proper containers

          Glass 1/2 gallon or gallon jars work best. Your jars MUST be

          clean and ready to pour into.

   - Air dry your jar before you put lids on, any moisture inside the

          jar left sealed for a week before your next pick up can get

          stinky and grow mold. Jars that are not clean, have odors or

          mold will not be filled.

   - Jars must be labeled or marked with your name on the jar.

          china marker, markers, or tape on the lids all work well

    - You must leave jars with me to fill for the next pick up
   - I like cash for payment but Don’t put money inside your jar

          Paper money can reportedly carry more germs than a

          household toilet.
   - Make a Koozie for your jars or bring towels to wrap them in for

          transportation, it won't take much for jars to tap together
          and break.
   - Bring a cooler/bag/container for pick up

Helpful Links

How to sanitize your jars

Raw Milk Yogurt - this shows how to make it in the oven with

          accurate info, I started making this way but now use my

          instant pot, I also add some sugar and strain it to make it

          thicker, all personal choice.

          Tip - warm milk to 90-105F no higher for raw yogurt

How make butter, overall this is a great video with accurate info.

          Tip- cream at room temp will turn faster.

          Wash your butter with cool water until the water is clear

          Unless you culture the buttermilk it's not the same as what

          you buy.

Websites with Raw Milk Information

Fresh Cow Milk
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