The FarmHer's Table

A Farm to Fork Club

-All the food procudeced for the gatherings will be made from ingredients the farm raises, and made in an open air or domestic kitchen on the farm.

-Gatherings will be seasonally (listed below)

-Why? To gather folks who enjoy food, and appreciate the food this valley can provide (0 miles traveled to make the meals)


Goal/Mission - To gather at least once per month and enjoy a meal solely produced from ingredients from the farm (outside of any spices or seasonings not produced on the farm). Members will enjoy the open-air kitchen and dining space.

You may have heard of "Beyond Organic" this is "Beyond Foodie" it's the ultimate seasonal farm to fork club!

This first spring/summer we will focus on artisan wood fired pizza creations, with salads and dressings. Members are encouraged to help with inspiration of the toppings and creativity of the meals.

Proper safe food handling and sanitation will be enforced, however meals will be created in either a domestic kitchen or open-air environment with volunteers.

Membership Dues are $5 per household, yearly (valid Jan 1 - Dec 31 of each year). The cost of the meal/ingredients will be additional and be announced ahead of time for each gathering.

Gatherings are outside, so dress accordingly, there is seating however bringing your own chairs or blankets are encouraged. Children are welcome. However they need to be watched and attended. The FarmHer's Table gatherings are located outside the home of the Saunders family (which is NOT open to the public). Please be mindful and respectful as we welcome you, but do not want to pick up after you. Unfortunately we do not currently have public restrooms but it is in the works, please plan accordingly.

The 2022 FarmHer's Table gathering are planned as follows, any changes will be announced on here, social media and via email to members.

Thursday evenings 5pm - 8pm (please be mindful of the times as I have small children to put to bed)

May 19th

June 16th

July 21st

August 18th

September 22nd

October 20