Farm Share Details
Pick up
Our only pickup site is at
The Homestead
17967 23rd Street Lawrence, KS 66044
Pick up Days are Tuesdays & Fridays
Times are limited to 9-11am and 4-6pm
Farm-to-Door (Home or Office)
Delivery Monthly
Delivery Address (Must be within the Lawrence City limits)
Deliveries are made on Wednesdays
Generally between the hours of 9am & 5pm
Per delivery fee of $4

Members must supply two coolers with their name on them. Coolers will be returned but are used to drop off shares.

20-28qt Coolers tend to be a good size for biweekly delivery

48qt Coolers tend to be good for monthly delivery

Coolers MUST be Hard Sided

What if I go on Vacation?

Notice must be given three days prior to the normal pickup or delivery if you will be gone. Please make arrangements for someone else to pickup your bag if possible. Items already frozen can be saved for pick up the following week, fresh items will not. PAYMENT IS STILL REQUIRED.

What if I want to Volunteer?

Volunteer hours are no longer required as part of our farm share, however I will still offer opportunities for you to help if you would like to! There is always work to be done, and help is always needed for the Kaw Valley Farm Tour in the fall.

What if I forget to pick up?

Picking up your bag is your responsibility; missed bag pickups will incur full charges. All farm shares not picked up on your share pick-up day become the property of Amy's Meats to do with as we see fit.

Why can't I come when I want?

Members must respect that our farm is also our home. We have lots of responsibilities to meet throughout the day (caring for our animals, garden upkeep, homeschooling, etc), and unexpected visitors can throw off a whole day. We simply can't afford to lose a day's work. Thus, we ask that you respect the pick up times, or give us ample notice if you need to adjust your schedule. We welcome visitors by appointment, or when we are open for special events which are advertised as being open to the public.

How we grow our food.

We fertilize with organically-rich compost made with manure from our pastured cows, sheep and chickens. We are not “certified organic” simply because we personally don’t agree with how the Federal Government has hijacked the use of the word “organic.” It has become a bureaucratic mess for a small farm to be able to use the word “organic” for marketing purposes and its an unnecessary expense that we just can’t justify.

All of our animals are raised naturally without added hormones. On pasture or paddocks on a rotational grazing.

If for any reason we are unable to fulfill our obligation to produce your shares, we will refund you on a pro-rated basis for any unfulfilled share weeks. This does not include crop failures or natural disasters. We reserve the right to swap portions of meat, veggies or baked goods should any one of those fall short in production so long as the overall dollar value is replaced.

As a Farm Share Member, you must fully understand and be comfortable with the fact that farming is an imperfect science: there will be crop failures due to weather challenges, pest invasions, and bouts with disease. You must anticipate that you will receive a variety of crops, but you may not get every crop that is on our list due to crop failures or low yields. Not all the crops we plant will mature into harvestable share-worthy crops. Those crops will become compost.

You will pick up your Farm Share on your designated pickup day, on time, or send someone else to pick up your share for you. All farm shares not picked up on your share pick-up day become the property of Amy's Meats to do with as we see fit. There are no refunds or repeats for missed shares. Shareholders may pick up their shares individually or coordinate with another shareholder to pick up and deliver their share. Shareholders that are unable to pick up their share may send a friend, family member, or neighbor to pick up their share for them. We have a strict policy of not letting anyone switch days without a 24 hr notice, no exceptions. Why? Because an enormous amount of effort goes into growing and harvesting exactly what we need for each pickup day. Everything is planned in advance, then harvested very early in the morning, washed, bundled or bagged, and specifically counted for the number of shareholders we have on each designated share day. Our job becomes almost impossible if we have a moving target of how much we need to harvest on any given day.

Our Agreement

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Everyone needs to eat. On our small family farm we care for and raise our animals naturally through sustainable practices without antibiotics, while offering a year round subscription to our quality meats, so everyday you can prepare your own farm to fork meals.

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