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Farm to Table Summer Day Camp Series


We offer children ages 4 and up (children younger than 4 welcome with an adult) an opportunity to create some favorite foods while learning where the ingredients come from! Camps are based on the season of the harvest, which means it’s usually HOT!


Please ask about additional camps (homeschool groups, mommy groups welcome) if these won't work, must have 4 to hold a camp.


*There is a nonrefundable $25 fee if you need to cancel your camper’s session. The entire camp fee is lost for cancellations less than two weeks prior to your camper’s session.


Special diets will need to be provided by the family.

Focus on making each part of the pizza and enjoy eating the fruits of your labor! Possibly milk a cow and make the cheese, grind the wheat and make the bread, harvest the veggies and make the sauce all while learning about the farm!

Not everything is in season all year, but you can see what is at the time, and learn about all the parts!

This is an outdoor, hands-on fast paced camp able to keep little people engaged. We tour the farm learning where all the parts of the pizza come from and also meet the animals living on our farm.

We end the camp with each child making their own personal cheese pizza to enjoy.

** The morning session is geared toward kids ages 4-8 however if a sibling, family, friend, etc. would like to attend at the same time that is older they are welcome at this camp.

Campers 4-8 Registration Link

Campers 9 and up Registration Link

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